So, what did I think of the premieres of Prison Break and The Shield?


That’s right, meh.

What’s there to say about Prison Break?

One character was killed (James Whistler), one character appeared to be killed in the first hour yet was shown to be in a secret prison in the second hour (Gretchen Morgan).

Oh yeah, they also brought back a character (Sara Tancredi) who was killed off last season and whom producers said was really dead and wasn’t going to come back. Tancedi was, of course, killed off following a contract dispute between FOX and her portrayer Sarah Wayne Callies, whom had just had her first child.

Good one producers; way to screw with your viewers.

Not to mention, I saw this coming when I saw the episode where Tancredi was originally killed off.

And then there’s the plot holes.

How the heck does a trained driver for “The Company” not notice that there is a Toyota SUV following him around everywhere he goes?

How do the dozen or so security guards at this guy’s property not notice the two morons in the same SUV sitting across the street watching the house for hours on end?

Hell, “The Company” is supposed to be so powerful and wealthy; but damn, do they have trouble finding competent people to work for them!

The Shield‘s premiere was pretty much the same as usual. Mind you, that is the standard operating procedure for season premieres for The Shield (season one being the exception to the rule).

The season usually starts kinda slow and builds until there’s something really dramatic at the end of the season (e.g., Money Train heist at the end of season two, the Strike Team breaking up at the end of season three, Lem’s death at the end of season five, etc.)

However, what’s the common definition of insanity? “Doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting different results”?

Apparently no one ever told this to Vic Mackey.

This time he’s trying to turn the Armenian Mob against the Mexican Mob.

How many times has he tried to turn one gang against another, and all hell has broken loose?

And why did the producers have to bring that annoying bum Billings back? He’s probably the most annoying and worst character on the show. Let Dutch fly solo or pair him up with Danny (no pun intended).

Oh yeah, and get rid of Tina. She’s as annoying as Billings.

7 thoughts on “So, what did I think of the premieres of Prison Break and The Shield?”

  1. Way to be a buzzkill… I was looking forward to catching the rerun of the Shield on Sunday!

    Nothing on Sons of Anarchy? Series premiere was good enough to keep me interested for another week.

  2. Sorry!

    I just thought the episode was kinda slow. Like I said, that’s the norm for season premieres of The Shield. And unlike other seasons, there was no gap between seasons which normally leaves you guessing as to what’s going on.

    I didn’t see Sons of Anarchy; I’ll download the episode and see if I like it.

    Was Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner on The X-Files and Steven Caldwell on Stargate Atlantis) on the show?

    I swear I saw him during the promo for the show but I wasn’t a 100% sure if it was him or not.

  3. I just watched the pilot of Sons of Anarchy; I’ll be tuning in for the next episode. :)

    Besides Jay Karnes (Dutch on The Shield) is supposed to be on the show for several episodes which means I have to watch it. :)

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