Charges brought in vandalism spree in Lake Caroline.

From the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office:

According to Sheriff Tony Lippa, during the late evening of August 12 and early morning of August 13, approximately 31 incidents of vandalism were reported in the Lake Caroline subdivision.  The majority of these involved vandalism to mailboxes but included other property damage as well.  The total damages reached into the thousands of dollars.

On August 29, 2008, Investigator B. L. Fedder obtained information on suspects in these offenses while investigating another matter.  As a result of the follow up investigation by Deputy DiGravio-Ferguson, Investigator Fedder and Sergeant Rozell, a total of 93 juvenile petitions are being obtained on 3 juvenile suspects.  These charges clear all of the vandalisms that were reported that night.  While their innocence is presumed until conviction, if convicted, restitution will be sought.

“I am very pleased that we were able to solve these crimes through the efforts of our deputies.  Vandalism is typically one of the hardest crimes to solve, and this evening was particularly disturbing because it did involve so many victims,” said Sheriff Lippa.  “I encourage anyone who may have information about this or any crime to call our anonymous tip line at (804) 633-1133.  Only by working together will we continue to solve these types of crimes.”

While these juveniles are not currently suspects in other incidents, it is still an active and ongoing investigation.

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