UPDATED & BUMPED: Donna Blanton to be sentenced today; will update. Donna Blanton gets life!

Richmond Times-Dispatch:

A Caroline County woman will be sentenced today after being convicted a second time of killing her state trooper husband.

In March, jurors recommended that Donna L. Blanton, 42, be sentenced to life in prison, one day after convicting her of first-degree murder.

UPDATE: The Free Lance–Star‘s headline on their site says the defense might request a postponement for the sentencing but the story doesn’t say anything about it. Consider this gem of stupidity from the story:

The jury recommended life in prison and today’s hearing will give the judge an opportunity to either dole out the jury’s recommendation or lower the prison sentence. He can not increase the time behind bars.

Uh, how in the hell do you “increase the time behind bars” above life in prison?

Does that mean — in this hypothetical scenario — that after Blanton dies, that the prison would retain her body for another twenty years?

Jesus Christ, that’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in The Free Lance–Star — and that’s saying a lot!

UPDATE: Donna Blanton gets life.

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