Obama: You know what’s great? ChiCom infrastructure.

From National Review Online:

Obama, yesterday: “Everybody’s watching what’s going on in Beijing right now with the Olympics, Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly the superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business, you’re starting to think, ‘Beijing looks like a pretty good option.'”

Ed and Hugh object, with the latter noting Obama “ignores how those structures were assembled, the source and conditions of the labor, the lack of pollution controls in Beijing and throughout China, the many complaints that Chinese infrastructure outside the Olympics zone remains shoddy, the recent record of Chinese manufacturing scandals, including the heparin fiasco which killed many Americans, and of course the catastrophe brought about by Chinese building standards in the region rocked by the recent earthquake.”

But beyond that, let’s look at Obama’s examples of Chinese excellence…

Go read the whole thing as they say.

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