Why I can’t watch the news.

Because there are too many stupid newscasters.

Take for example the 9:00 a.m. news on WRC (NBC, Channel 4) out of Washington, D.C.

One newscaster (a young black guy; didn’t catch the name) was discussing the countries with the highest amount of medals.

He stated “for a small country like France” they’re doing quite well (3 gold, 9 silver, 10 bronze: 22 total).

When did France become “a small country”?

It’s the 40th biggest country in the world by size! (Wikipedia)

The country has 64,473,140 people in it! That makes it the 20th biggest country by population. (Ibid)

I’m curious, can this newscaster even locate France on the map? Hint: It’s in Europe.

You know, WRC could hire me as an expert foreign affairs consultant; heck, I have never been out of the United States and I have only been to four states (Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina) and the District of Columbia, but hell, I can do better than the people they have now.

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