The important news out of the Caroline County BOS meeting: Golf carts!

So sayeth The Free Lance–Star: Golf carts possible for Caroline subdivision

I guess I have to handle the unimportant news from the meeting:

The county is considering spending $4,500,000.00 for a bloody park. That’s at least another cent on the tax rate to handle the debt retirement for the project.

Meanwhile, there’s still no public safety building nor a new public works workshop.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sili was whining (and boy, can he whine) about spending $61,000 to improve security at the Circuit Court so a sheriff’s deputy or someone else doesn’t get killed by a prisoner who tries to escape. And remember, this is the Circuit Court: that’s where felons are being tried.

You know, I don’t much care for Wayne Acors, but he has his moments, especially when he essentially tells Jeff to STFU.

There was the Belmont hearing with the BOS giving the developer crap after the developer has proffered millions of dollars, including a new fire station.

There was the BOS stealing someone’s subdivisions: Apparently the BOS believes that a rezoning/subdivision applicant should know every letter of the zoning/subdivision ordinance and when the Planning Commission or the Department of Planning & Community Development messes something up, it’s okay to take someone’s private property rights away. Ever funnier was after the applicant’s lawyer got up and said, “we’re going to sue your asses [the BOS]”, Jeff Sili moved to vacant the subdivision, and no one offered a second! In fact, they all gave him a look that read, “are you stupid or just crazy?”. Eventually Maxie Rozell decided it might be important to ask the county attorney before they did anything. After a closed session, they showed the great leadership of doing nothing and letting the Planning Commission handle it.

Oh, and the board finally got around to approving the six month goals “for [the] period of July to December 2008”. Isn’t it currently August or did I miss something?

By the way, if you want to watch all this unimportant news, the county has started to put video of the meetings up online (and thankfully, now I don’t have to do it). The video of this meeting isn’t up as I’m writing this, but it should be up in a day or two:

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