2-1 odds of heck breaking loose.

By “heck breaking loose”, I refer to a certain Supervisor whining and complaining.

Press release:

Dear Chamber Members,

This year, the Chamber has been on the move in many ways —– next week we’ll add another!

On August 7, the Caroline Chamber of Commerce will relocate to a new office at 18067 Jefferson Davis Highway in Ladysmith. We are doing this primarily because we needed more room for meetings and daily operations and it seemed, with the many negotiations going on right now for County space, that we would not get the Office of Economic Development’s former office on South Main Street as promised.

We are sad to leave the Town of Bowling Green — home of the Chamber for so many years — but optimistic about the new office space and its possibilities for growth. Thank all of you for your continued support in our programs and events – we’ve met so many of you at Chamber functions and hope to meet many more in the future!

Please continue to drop in and see us in Ladysmith – more details of any changes to phone and fax numbers will be sent by the Chamber office later today.


L.J. Moyer
Caroline Chamber of Commerce

So, not only is the Department of Economic Development moving out of the county seat (Bowling Green) but also is the Chamber of Commerce!

The Department of Economic Development is going to the visitors center at Carmel Church.

So much for the whole premise of a “county seat”.

Well, at least they didn’t move the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office out of the Community Services Center, or else you would have to essentially travel to Hanover County to get there.

Of course, the Cooperative Extension Office might be getting the soon-to-be former office space of the Economic Development Department; hence the Chamber of Commerce won’t get it.

I thought the former Union Bankshares Building — the soon-to-be County Administration building — was supposed to provide the space needs of the county for the next 20 years… (The Caroline Progress)

Hell, it only cost $3,700,000.

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