Nathan Larson (Libertarian nominee for the 1st CD), the free encyclopedia candidate that anyone can edit.

Nathan Larson is the Libertarian nominee for the 1st Congressional District.

He is (or has been) a “cannabis activist”.

Translation: He’s a pothead, dude.

Now, like all enterprising political morons (me included), he created a web site ( The funny part?

The web site uses the same software (MediaWiki) as Wikipedia, which means anyone can go and edit the pages, including being able to “vandalize” them.

Now, I have a question, if I edit a page and state that “Nathan Larson will support the legalization of rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs)”; does that make it true?

I could have a lot of fun with this exercise and create the very candidate I want for office!

I’m sure as hell aren’t going to get that from Rob Wittman, that’s for sure.

Reefer madness, I tell you.

Who says politics isn’t funny?

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