No, Keith, the issue is that you lied repeatedly.

The Free Lance–Star:

When 1st District congressional candidate Keith Hummel said three weeks ago he was suspending his campaign, local Democrats hoped he could exit the race quietly and they could find a new candidate.

But since then, Hummel has not taken steps to withdraw formally from the race.

Frustrated, Fredericksburg Democrats have passed a resolution demanding that he withdraw. And they also passed a resolution asking for the resignation of 1st District Democratic chairwoman Suzette Matthews.

Hummel, an emergency room doctor who also runs a vineyard in Montross, suspended his campaign on July 3 because his multiple past bankruptcy filings had become an issue.

In a written statement announcing the suspension, he blamed others for making his financial difficulties an issue that threatened to overshadow his campaign.

No, the issue here is that you lied repeatedly Keith.

At the First Congressional Democratic Committee meeting in March, you said that you had one bankruptcy filing; not five:

While Hummel has said he was open about his financial difficulties, area Democrats say he misled them as to the extent of his past bankruptcy filings, and that if they’d known his full background–which includes three bankruptcies in the Eastern District of U.S. Bankruptcy Court and two older ones elsewhere–he never would have gotten the party’s nomination.

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