The AP should be tried for treason and/or murder.

At The Jawa Report:

AP photographer Rahmatullah Naikzad was a witness to a Taliban murder. The two women were alleged to have been prostitutes who served Western clientèle.


This page from the AP seems to suggest that Rahmatullah Naikzad also took a snuff video of the two women being murdered. [UPDATE: Yes, he did. Video added at end of post]

We would remind the AP that the act of the Taliban inviting a reporter to the murder means they wanted this news out there. The AP was clearly being used as a propaganda outlet for the Taliban.

Does this make him an accomplice or only a witness to the crime? When you know a crime is about to be committed, do you not have a moral and ethical obligation to try to prevent that crime? Even if you’re a journalist? Even if all you do is try to call the authorities, in this case someone in the Afghani government or NATO?

A quick Yahoo News photo search of Rahmatullah Naikzad seems to indicate that he’s very friendly with the Taliban. Many of the pictures show Taliban fighters posing for the AP photographer.


UPDATE II: It gets worse. A snuff video was made by Naikzad. It’s horrible. The murder of the two women is at night, so it’s not visually graphic, but the audio is awful. You can hear at least one of the women screaming after the first shots are fired.

It’s official: the AP has now replaced al Jazeera as the official outlet for terrorist snuff videos. You’ll have to scroll all the way down for video. I’ll put additional updates before it with relevant bail out warnings.

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