At least he didn’t rob and kill three people.

Some New Orleans paper:

With minutes left in the last shift of his 35-year New Orleans police career, Sgt. Bobby Guidry received a call from a supervisor telling him he had been suspended for wearing the wrong uniform shirt, the veteran officer said.

The Police Department confirmed the censure Tuesday, though it quibbled with the term “suspended.” Rather, Guidry is “under investigation for wearing the wrong uniform,” said Police Department spokesman Bob Young.

Instead of the standard-issue all-black uniform, Guidry, a veteran officer in the city’s Uptown 2nd District, chose the powder-blue uniform shirt that he wore to work for more than three decades.

He viewed it as a simple statement, not an affront to rules or department leadership.

“Eighteen people died in the line of duty in that powder-blue shirt while I was with the department,” Guidry said. “I went to each of those funerals. I wore that shirt on a Saturday, on my last day, out of respect for them.”

(H/t: Matt “threat to democracy” Drudge)

I make the quip about robbing and killing three people because Antoinette Frank, a NOPD officer, robbed a Vietnamese restaurant in New Orleans and shoot and killed three people, including an off-duty police officer who was working as a security guard, back in the ’90s.

She was later identified as the perpetrator, after a surviving witness who she didn’t know was in the building identified her, when she had the gall to respond to the call.

Time has more.

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