Adrian Fenty, Cathy Lanier, Interim AG Peter Nickles Resignation Watch, Day 27: 36,000 registered handguns unaccounted for.


As the District prepares to begin accepting applications for handgun permits, police are having a tough time finding tens of thousands of guns already registered in the city.

About 41,000 handguns are registered in D.C., but more than 36,000 of those guns are owned by residents who registered prior to the 1976 ban.

On WTOP’s Ask the Chief program, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says police don’t know where the 36,000 registered handguns are because the department has not done an audit of registered guns.

I thought registration of firearms would end all gun crime in the whole wide world according to the moron politicians out there.

If they have no idea where said registered firearms are, how the heck is that going to stop crime?

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