How about you guys build something now?: Haymount gets new partner!

The Free Lance–Star:

The developer of the largest planned subdivision in Caroline County is getting a new investment partner based in Florida.

John Clark, who wants to build 4,000 homes in the Haymount subdivision, is teaming with Avanti Properties Group to keep his residential, commercial and retail plans on track.

County land records show that Haymount (Fredericksburg) ASLI V, LLLP, bought into the Haymount project in May for $21.5 million.

3 thoughts on “How about you guys build something now?: Haymount gets new partner!”

  1. Does Haymount have a proffer arrangement?

    4000 homes will normally generate 40,000 car trips a day and about 2000 school-aged kids and need a half million gallons a day of fresh water and sewage.

    A new school will cost 30-50 million dollars.

    Widening Route 17 will cost a minimum of about 10 million a mile..

    Residential growth, unless fully proffered, will impose these costs on existing property owners.

    “Fully proffered” – in counties that have had some experience with proffers and residential growth usually shakes out to about 30K per house.

  2. Developments like Haymount if they do not offset their impacts – you can figure out almost down to the house how much the rest of the county residents are going to pay.

    The big gorilla in the closet is schools. Each Kids costs about 3-4K local money and each home real estate tax – 300-400K pays about 1/2 that amount. The rest comes from you-know-who.

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