Hey, more insanity from WUSA9!

Anyone care to guess the original headline for this story was?:

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) — Fairfax County Police Officers who take their unmarked cruisers home are going to have to live within 30 miles of Fairfax County under a new department policy now in effect.

Police officials say the vast majority of department commanders, investigators, crime scene technicians and SWAT team personnel who presently are allowed to take home their vehicles do live within 30 miles of the county line. Most of those who live beyond that limit are likely to be grandfathered into the new program. In other words, few are likely to lose the privilege.

Officers who work in marked cruisers are not allowed to take their vehicles home, even if they live in Fairfax County. Police officials say the department does not have enough marked cruisers to allow a take-home program.

Police Department spokeswoman Maryann Jennings tells 9NEWS NOW the take-home program is based upon “operational necessity.” Those officers and commanders who take their cars home are called to crime and incident scenes at all times of day and night. She says it would be far more costly to hire additional personnel to fill their positions on a 24/7 basis.

Written by Gary Reals

The original headline for this story was: “Fairfax Police Fill Tank On Taxpayers’ Dime”.

Don’t you hate it when those damn pigs fill up cars that they’re using for work on the “taxpayers’ dime”?

I’m not sure what I should expect from Gary Reals, since he seems to think that “Judy Feder gave Frank Wolf a hard pressed race in 2006”.

I wasn’t aware that 16.36% margin of victory by a candidate (whose party did terribly in 2006) was a “hard pressed race”.

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