Uh, guys, that isn’t a Black Hawk helicopter.

The Rocky Mountain News:

Black Hawk helicopters buzzed downtown Denver and other neighborhoods Monday evening in a training exercise to prepare for a possible terrorist attack.

The photo accompanying the story (click for a bigger version):

Uh, guys, that’s a MH-6 Little Bird which is less than two-tenths of the size (by weight, empty) of a Black Hawk.

The dead give away is that a Black Hawk helicopter has wheels — not skids (like a MH-6).

To more specific, judging by the fact that the ‘copter has six rotors (assuming that’s not an optical illusion), it’s a MH-6M Little Bird.


  1. David says:

    I’m in Denver and the site of the aircraft was both annoying and awe-inspiring.

  2. matt says:

    Yeah thats an obvious littlebird. whoever said it was a hawk has no clue just like the insurgents

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