From The Guardian in the UK: Jews responsible for RFK assassination.

Yeah, Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian that targeted Robert F. Kennedy because of his support for his Israel, but I guess he had no responsibility for his crime.

Who does nowadays?

The Guardian:

As a young refugee, Sirhan attended a school where teachers exhorted students to struggle for Palestinian rights. Later his family moved to California, and he was there when Israel seized East Jerusalem and other Arab territories in the Six-Day War of 1967. He told at a friend that he believed Fatah was justified in using terror to oppose Israeli rule.

Israel seized the areas, eh? I guess the fact that Egypt expelling the United Nations Emergency Force from the Sinai peninsula, and amassing tens of thousands of troops on the Egypt-Israeli border, along with closing the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships had nothing to do with it. Israel attacked Egypt and Syrian first so the Israelis wouldn’t be completely overran from every direction by a numerically superior force.

It was Jordan (with King Hussein hesitant to attack) that attacked Israel first, not the Israelis attacking Jordan first, by the way.

During the 1968 presidential campaign, Sirhan came to identify Robert Kennedy, who he had originally supported, as a friend of Israel. Three weeks before committing his crime, he watched a documentary about Kennedy’s involvement with Israel on CBS television. Soon afterward he heard a radio tape of Kennedy telling an audience at a Los Angeles synagogue that he would maintain “clear and compelling” support for Israel. After hearing it, a relative later testified, Sirhan ran from the room with “his hands on his ears, and almost weeping”.

Sirhan timed his attack on Kennedy to coincide with the first anniversary of the opening of the Six-Day War. At his trial, he sought several times to place his crime in the Palestinian context. “When you move a whole country, a whole people, bodily from their own homes, from their land, from their business,” he said, “that is completely wrong … . That burned the hell out of me.” Few Americans had any idea what he was talking about.

“The source of his rage, bitterness, and anger at ‘Jews’ was not explained in most news stories,” Mel Ayton, one of the few analysts who has fully grasped the crime’s Middle East connection, wrote in his 2007 book The Forgotten Terrorist: Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F Kennedy. “In those days most Americans had no idea what a ‘Palestinian’ was and even fewer understood their grievances.”

When news of Sirhan’s background was flashed back to the Arab world after he killed Kennedy, many people there instinctively understood what had happened. They recognised the crime as a horrific expression of the violent frustration that young Palestinians were beginning to feel. Almost no one in the rest of the world, however, understood this.

Foreign interventions and entanglements often produce unpredictable, even unimaginable long-term consequences. The murder of Robert Kennedy is one example. If Israel had never come into existence, or if the United States had not supported it, or if Kennedy had not reaffirmed that support, Sirhan would probably never have pulled his trigger.

It’s amazing the power those Jews have.

If it isn’t having Presidential candidates assassinated, it’s mucking up a church softball league (to paraphrase a pastor in Caroline County).

I guess if the United States disavowed Israel, we could all live in a happy and magic land filled with unicorns!

I guess you would have to convert to Islam too while you’re at it. Well, that’s what Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has stated (Fox News).


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