Mattaponi Springs Golf Club gets a mention in The Washington Times.

The Washington Times:

The question should not be whether to take your next golf trip to Virginia, but where in Virginia you should go. We offer a few suggestions.


6. Discover something new. Leave it to a patent attorney to develop 330 acres of “intellectual property” in Caroline County. Mattaponi Springs Golf Club is the brainchild of owner and builder Jim Oliff, who spent two years looking for a site for his course and another five years building it. “The property at Mattaponi Springs was enough to get any architect keyed up,” says designer Bob Lohmann. “There’s tremendous elevation change and the sandy soil allowed us to create some fabulous natural waste areas in the Pinehurst tradition. “What makes a round really enjoyable are the player-friendly surfaces – the zoysia fairways and bentgrass greens. Perfect lies are the rule, not the exception. We tried to get a lot of variety of holes,” says Lohmann. “Short par 4s, long par 4s, different types of doglegs. It’s real evident here with the short par 3s.”

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