Um…yeah, sure, you just found those pictures by accident.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Richmond police are investigating photographs posted on a California-based Web site that show uniformed patrolmen cavorting with young women outside nightclubs.

The officers were unaware that they were posing for photos that were to be posted on the Web site, acting Sgt. Marian L. Harris said in a news release about the investigation. The officers are from Richmond and at least two other mid-Atlantic jurisdictions.

The photographs were taken during the winter months outside various nightclubs, the news release said.

WWBT, whose staff discovered the photos online and alerted Richmond police, said the man who took the photos said they were shot on Halloween.

The women in the photos had asked to be photographed with the officers, the police news release said.

“Our officers are expected to use good judgment whenever being asked to be photographed,” said Maj. Margaret Horn of the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

The office will determine whether there is any improper conduct on the part of the officers.

The pictures were posted Tuesday on a Web site that features contributed photos, many of them of young women in revealing or suggestive poses, from various cities and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

And in other news, Japanese worker demoted after 780,000 porn hits at work.

Apparently, at WWBT, that’s called “news research”.

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