Why is Pat Buchanan still a legitimate pundit?

The guy is a complete and utter loon. Huffington Post:

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer entered the Situation Room to talk about a provocatively written book with its author. Not Scott McClellan! No, no. Pat Buchanan! Buchanan’s new book, Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World is about how Churchill, uhm…fought a war with Hitler that was terribly unnecessary and that bad things have flowed ever forth from that terrible decision. See, by Buchanan’s reckoning, Hitler was totally anti-Semitic. But if Britain had just let Hitler take Poland, instead of giving them a guarantee of protection, Nazi Germany would have never expanded their aggression westward, and they would have only killed some of the Jews, which hardly sounds like a Holocaust, now, does it?

Or as Victor Davis Hanson puts it:

Questioning the past is a good thing, but rewriting it contrary to facts is quite another. In the latest round of revisionism about the Second World War, the awful British and naive Americans, not the poor Germans, have ended up as the real culprits.

Take the new book by conservative pundit Patrick Buchanan, “Churchill, Hitler and ‘The Unnecessary War’: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World.” Buchanan argues that, had the imperialist Winston Churchill not pushed poor Hitler into a corner, he would have never invaded Poland in 1939, which triggered an unnecessary Allied response.

Maybe then the subsequent world war, and its 50 million dead, could have been avoided. Taking that faulty argument to its logical end, I suppose today a united West might live in peace with a reformed (and victorious) Nazi Third Reich!

2 thoughts on “Why is Pat Buchanan still a legitimate pundit?”

  1. Is Pat Buchanan, Howard Campbell from the novel and movie Slaughterhouse Five(1972)?
    There were American POW’s who turned-Nazi propagandists in WW2.

    “Howard Campbell, Jr., the American-turned-Nazi propagandist, visits the captives of Slaughterhouse Five. He wears an elaborate costume of his own design, a cross between cowboy outfit and a Nazi uniform. The POWs are tired and unhealthy, undernourished and overworked. Campbell offers them good eating if they join his Free American Corps. The Corps is Campbell’s idea. Composed of Americans fighting for the Germans, they will be sent to fight on the Russian front. After the war, they will be repatriated through Switzerland. Campbell reasons that the Americans will have to fight the Soviet Union sooner or later, and they might as well get it out of the way.” Quote

    This is an old movie, but Pat Buchanan remines me of this character.


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