Nothing could go wrong here: United States to give China “sensitive equipment”.

The Washington Times:

The Bush administration has approved the export of sensitive equipment and expertise to China’s military and police forces to bolster security at the Beijing Olympics, according to a number of private and public interviews and documents.

The support includes security and military equipment that is restricted for export under the Export Administration Act, prompting some critics of the policy to question its legality.

The FBI and other U.S. security agencies also are helping China to develop sensitive counterterrorism coordination techniques, such as creating joint security operations and intelligence centers, according to Bush administration defense and national security officials.

The officials said U.S. support to the Beijing Olympics is modeled on the security plan and federal assistance used for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. The techniques can be used for surveillance of protesters, including Tibetans, they said.

One thought on “Nothing could go wrong here: United States to give China “sensitive equipment”.”

  1. There is nothing we have that China hasn’t bought, bribed, or stolen.

    Who’s going to go against a 1/3 of the worlds population.

    The world is their’s for the taking.

    That’s what happens when you allow a nation to kill it’s female babies and produce majority males.

    And then allow greed to override self preservation and loyalty to family and country. Selling out your nation for corporate profit.

    A frustrated ticking time bomb!

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