Get the stones, torches, and pitchforks: We’re going to run those Mormons (and others) out of town!

The WaPo:

If 16th Street is famous for leading straight to the White House, it is also God’s Boulevard, with at least 45 congregations lining the seven-mile stretch between Lafayette Square and Silver Spring.

But love thy neighbor? Not this time.

The Mormon church’s plan to build another house of worship, one with a steeple-topped tower that will rise 105 feet, is inspiring less-than-holy thoughts among residents who recoil at the prospect of a new flock traversing their streets.


Dozens of homeowners have expressed opposition to the new church with lawn signs that read, “Too Big, Too Much, Too Many.” And the Mormons are finding little support from the neighborhood’s clergy, including one pastor who said his objection is rooted not in architecture, but theology.

“They don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah; they accept him as the prophet,” said Edward Wilson, pastor at Church of Christ, a block from the Mormon site. “It’s wrong, I disagree with it, and I wouldn’t want them in the neighborhood.”

Wow, way to be accepting to other religions.

Using this guy’s standards, no one except for religions that meet his standards should be allowed to build a place of worship.

Jews do not believe that Jesus was either the Messiah or a prophet (

Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet but not the Messiah, nor was he crucified, nor was he the son of God (The Guardian).

Buddhists and Hindus have varying views of Jesus. But I doubt this pastor would accept Buddhists since they don’t believe in a Creator God (The [Colorado Springs] Gazette) and Hindus believe in more than one god (Encyclopædia Britannica).

Again, using this guy’s hate-mongering standards: None of these religions should be allowed to build synagogues, mosques, etc.

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