He’s like a bad penny…

The Free Lance–Star:

A year to the day, after his first drunken driving charge, former UMW President William J. Frawley has been arrested a third time on charges of driving under the influence.

According to Maryland court records, Frawley was stopped by police at 10:50 p.m. on April 10 at 2908 Virgilia St., in Rockville, Md., driving a 1997 Toyota with Maryland tags. The court records indicate he produced a Maryland driver’s license.

He was charged with driving (attempting to drive) a vehicle while under the influence.

Some of the commenters on Fredericksburg.com are asking why he has a Maryland driver’s license. Apparently, he never had a Virginia driver’s license. For both of his cases in Virginia (Fredericksburg and Fairfax County), online court records state his address as “CHEVY CASE, MD”. That address almost, always comes from the driver’s license of the arrested person. Apparently, he never got a Virginia driver’s license and when his license was suspended due to the charges in Virginia, the Maryland DMV didn’t get the notice (that, or they’re completely incompetent).

Interestingly enough, other court records for William Frawley in Maryland include a charge of “FAILURE TO STOP AFTER ACCIDENT INVOLVING DAMAGE TO ATTENDED VEHICLE” (hit and run?) in June of 2007. The court records state he entered a plea of “Other Plea”, possibly an Alford Plea?

UPDATE: Not sure how I missed this, but Frawley also had a domestic violence charge as well in March of 2008.

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