Paging Caroline BOS.

In King George County, from The Free Lance–Star:

Supervisor Dale Sisson asked if early June would be a realistic estimate to start service [of wireless Internet service]. [Allen] Taliaferro [a director with Virginia Broadband] wouldn’t give an exact date, but said he felt comfortable with June.

But don’t worry, Jeff Sili is kindly going to provide you with a map of where to move to so you can receive high-speed internet here in Caroline County (2008-03-11 BOS Minutes):

Supervisor Sili said that those people [who currently provide broadband services to the County] are going to come back in April to lay out the areas where they plan to grow and hopefully they will publish those.

How considerate.

Why does the county refuse to do what it needs to do?

Especially after Delegate Chris Peace bothered to get a bill (HB1329) passed that would allow wireless Internet providers to use state own communication towers to provide internet service to unserved areas.

Another bonus, according to what Mr. Thomas said during the January 8th BOS meeting, is the following: When a cell phone tower is approved by the county, the ordinances included a provision that allows the county to use the towers for the county’s telecom needs. As the county is required to create a Wireless Service Authority, Virginia Broadband (or any other company doing the service) would be allowed to use the cell towers (through the ordinance) to provide service (2008-01-08 BOS Minutes):

Chairman Thomas said that in all of our ordinances when they get a cell tower, they have to allow County access. He said so if they create a County utility, then that is a service and they have to allow access. Chairman Thomas asked Mr. Emerson if this sounded like it would work.

Mr. Emerson responded that it sounds like it, but he would have to look at it.

And for those areas without cell phone towers, all that would need to be installed is a pole (about the size of a telephone pole) according a story on Spotsylvania County’s plans (The Free Lance–Star):

Scott advised that towers would probably be no taller than a telephone pole.

But, you know, whatever guys: whenever you get around to it.


  1. Tom James says:

    Tim you are brilliant!

    Hope someone starts paying you for all your hard work.

    At least you are building your mansion in heaven. And who knows how many people you are helping in the future!

    This is how America was made!

  2. The bad thing, looking through the FCC licenses for frequencies (and the towers used) for radio communications in the county, I located about a dozen state-owned and county-owned towers that could be used no questions asked.

    I’ll make a map of them latter and post the pictures.

  3. Tom James says:

    You might burst the Sili’s dream/con as being the “great white hope” of Caroline.

    It turns out it may be Tim Watson! :>)

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