Tax rate hearing video online.

I’ve converted and uploaded the video of the tax rate hearing from the April 8, 2008 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Watch as Jeff Sili pushes for a $0.07 to $0.12 tax rate increase while everyone else wants a $0.045 (Popowicz) or a $0.05 (Acors, Rozell, Thomas) rate increase. This guy (Sili) is a Republican right? That’s what that (R) besides his name means right? A Republican (and Chairman of the Caroline County Republican Committee no less) wanted to give you an increase in your tax bill between $70/$100,000 to $120/$100,000.

The video’s about 42 minutes long and 105 MB big. If you’re on dial-up, grab a copy of GetRight (so you can resume the download if your internet connection dies), use the link for direct download (after the embedded video), and use Moyea FLV Player to play the file after it finishes downloading.

There is some great banter between Acors, Popowicz, and Thomas in the 12 to 13 minute mark, by the way. :)

One thought on “Tax rate hearing video online.”

  1. What are the budget figures for the New (uneccessary)Admin building? A building by the way that was taken off the tax roles to serve as a county building. A building and renovation also approved with out a public vote or bond hearing. (As the BOS wants to do with the Public Safety Building.)

    According to the phone extension list, County Admin involves 8 people not sure how many are full time or part time included in this number, Treasurer 6 not sure if any part time included in this number, Commissioner of Revenue 11, so if we were to look at the total numbers, 25 total, the CCSO has 84 employees, not counting Fire and Rescue personnel down at the community center.

    25 people divided by 18,150 sq. ft. building = 726 sq. ft per person for office space!

    25 people divided by $3.7 million tax dollars =$148,000 per person

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