Classy: “We are past the point of debates.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Former Gov. Jim Gilmore has rejected a call by Del. Robert G. Marshall of Prince William County to hold five debates before Republican delegates choose the party’s U.S. Senate nominee at a convention May 31.

“We are past the point of debates,” Gilmore spokeswoman Ana Gamonal said. “Seventy-five percent of the delegates already have been elected, and they know where Jim Gilmore stands.”


Marshall said debates would be useful because Gilmore has taken inconsistent positions on such issues as abortion and illegal immigration. He said there have been no more than six joint appearances.

“This is a disservice to Republican voters,” Marshall said.

2 thoughts on “Classy: “We are past the point of debates.””

  1. Maybe Del. Marshall would like to debate LG Bolling and AG McDonnell on how to win state wide elections?

    Now what was Del. Marshall’s remarks when he went unendorsed by them?

    Now not debating is a ‘disservice’ to Republicans?

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