On Charity Hill “Hunting Preserve”, et al.

Not sure why it’s a called a “hunting preserve” while they mostly do sporting clays but anyway:

If you want a sure-fire way to annoy the heck out of me use a stupid straw man argument. Case in point: The following was stated by several people speaking in favor of Charity Hill: “If you get rid of Charity Hill, instead of kids shooting sporting clays they will start using drugs or go in schools and shoot kids and teachers!!11!”.

Ipso facto, if you oppose Charity Hill, you’re in favor of school shootings and kids using drugs (“Will someone please think of the children?!”).

It was comments like that prompted to make a public comment stating at the very least that was disingenuous, and at the worst fear-mongering. (Sidebar: I hate public speaking, hence the fact that I do a blog. I speak way too fast. Tip: When the reporter covering the meeting sounds like she’s typing about 200 words per minute to keep up with you, you need to slow down your speaking.) :)

If it wasn’t the straw man arguments, it was some guy that stated the noise complaints were “the fault of the federal government because they outlawed silencers back in the ’30s”. I would love for someone to find me a way to put a silencer (really, they should be called a “noise suppressor”) on a shotgun!

The only person speaking in favor of Charity Hill that tried to explain the shooting after the hours allowed in their permit was the applicant’s attorney: He said that it was the owners shooting “and they can shoot any time they please”. It’s amazing convenient how the owners always seem to be the ones shooting after hours when the documented cases were all on days when they had scheduled tournaments. Just a little too pat, isn’t it?

I would love to know why this place was allowed to operate for years as “private hunt club” when they have a BPOL (Business, Professional and Occupational License [a business license in layman’s terms]) according to a person I talked to. Can someone explain to me why a “private hunt club” lists their membership designation as “public”? Anyone care to explain why they have a website soliciting business for a “private hunt club”?

You have had constant violations over the years with the club violating what is in affect a contract between the club and the county. In the end, Acors moved that Charity Hill should have their permit revoked, with Sili seconding, and the Board agreed 5–0. I know some of the Board members weren’t happy they were forced to do this in the end, but what choice did they have?

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