Now, where’s Caroline at?

From the City of Fredericksburg:

Beginning this year, the City of Fredericksburg will no longer require city-issued decals to be placed on the windshields of residents’ vehicles.

“We estimate the City will save approximately $10,000 per year in postage alone by not having to mail the annual decals,” Treasurer G. M. Haney said. “The $20 ‘registration fee’ will still be part of the personal property tax bill, but you will no longer be required to have the decal.”

A decal will still be available to residents who wish to have the city identification on their cars. City residents desiring to use the city-only VRE parking lot MUST display the City decal, and others may wish to keep the decal in order to regularly use the Belman Road recycling center.

Decals are available now and may be purchased from the City Treasurer’s Office for $2.

If it saves Fredericksburg $10,000 just in postage it would save Caroline County even more: Fredericksburg has an estimated population of 22,410 while Caroline’s population is 27,282 (probably more cars per person as well).

Also consider the overtime pay that the employees of the Treasurer’s Office received: The Treasurer’s Office stayed open an additional 11 hours over the past week with their employees presumably working overtime to handle the people getting decals. There were five employees (plus Ms. Curran) working when I was in there around 5:00 p.m. on Monday evening.

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  1. amen, i am a new resident to the state and that discovery was about as well-received as the state telling me i need a mechanic to tell me when i have a light bulb that isn’t working.

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