Ryan McDougle to run for Attorney General?

That would be your representative to the Senate of Virginia for you simpletons out there (you know I love you through). :)

The Shad Plank:

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, a conservative Republican from Fairfax County, is holding a press conference at this hour to discuss his political future, and it looks like he’s running for attorney general in 2009.

A new web site is up and running to promote his candidacy. Next year’s race could attract a number of Republican candidates. Among those mentioned as possible contenders in the blogs and in the press are Del. Rob Bell of the Charlottesville area and Sen. Ryan McDougle of Hanover County.

Interestingly, Bill Bolling was the previous representative for the 4th Senate District before he ran for and won the Lieutenant Governor’s race in November 2005. McDougle won the senate race the following January in a special election (he had been representing the 97th House District [Chris Peace won another special election a couple weeks later for the 97th House District and is the current representative]). If both McDougle and Bolling win, that means there would be two statewide elected officials that have represented the 4th Senate District.

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