Oh, NOW they are going to do something about it.

The Caroline Progress:

Renowned county historian Herb Collins announced Thursday he is giving his trove of Caroline historical records, hundred’s of rare books, genealogies, cemetery records, family Bibles, plats, files on every aspect of the county, antique photographs and 40 Sidney King paintings to the Central Rappahannock Heritage Center in Fredericksburg.

Frustrated in his years of attempts to give his collection to the County, the former Smithsonian curator and life-long county resident told The Caroline Progress on Thursday, “I cried when I made the decision. I started the collection in order to one day give it to Caroline.”

Collins said he had wanted a site for his collection either in Bowling Green or Port Royal.

County Administrator Percy Ashcraft said the county wants the collection but does not presently have space. “I can’t make something happen that’s not available at this time,” he said.


Collins pointed out that the neighboring counties of Essex, King William and King George have museums, but Caroline does not. “All we have is a cubbyhole in the back of the library,” said Collins. “It’s embarrassing.”

And now from Percy Ashcraft’s April Message from the County Administrator:

  • Consideration by the Board of Supervisors to receive a large donation of books and periodicals from local historian Herb Collins will be held at the April 8 meeting. The challenge before the Board is adequate County space to house the donation.

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