Okay, maybe a couple of people at the General Assembly aren’t complete idiots…

Well, at least a couple of the Delegates and Senators that worked out the budget had some sense. The following was included in the budget that was passed on March 13, 2008, in both the House of Delegates (99-Y 0-N) and the Senate of Virginia (26-Y 14-N):

Administration FY 08-09 FY 09-10
Compensation Board $337,007 $318,907 GF
Page 53, line 19, strike “$67,102,122” and insert “$67,439,129”.
Page 53, line 19, strike “$67,102,122” and insert “$67,421,029”.
(This amendment provides general funds to convert four part-time Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ offices for Buckingham, Caroline, Charles City, and Middlesex counties from part-time to full-time status in accordance with § 15.2-1629, Code of Virginia.)

Interestingly, this was after the Senate of Virginia had previously decided not to convert any of the offices and the House’s budget only included money for one office — Buckingham County. And that was only because the subcommittee that approved the money had the Delegate (Abbitt) that represents Buckingham County as its chairman.

Looks like the conferees that worked it out had some sense.

I’m still going over the conference report and will post anything else interesting I find.

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