03/11/2008 Donna Blanton retrial news roundup — Jury recommends life.

Roundup: The Free Lance–Star: Jury finds Blanton guilty

and: The Free Lance–Star: Jury recommends life sentence for Blanton:

A jury here recommended this morning that Donna Blanton serve life in prison in the death of her husband Taylor.


“He’ll never know my grandchildren. He’ll never be at my wedding,” said Katy Blanton, 20. “He was stolen from me.”

Joel Blanton was 14 when his dad was killed.

“The chance to have a man-to-man conversation with my father was ripped away from me,” said Joel, now 18. “The last memory I have is just standing over his lifeless body, and it’s horrible.”


Defense attorney Mark Murphy asked the jurors to “consider this entire picture.”

I have a feeling that Mark Murphy wishes he had the previous jury this week…

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