Blanton retrial starts today.

The Free Lance–Star: Blanton trial starts today in Virginia Beach:

Not only will Donna Blanton get a new jury in Virginia Beach to hear her case today, but a new prosecutor to try it as well.

Tony Spencer, who took over as Caroline County commonwealth’s attorney about two months ago, will prosecute the case, which could last eight days.

Most of today is expected to be consumed by jury selection.


Spencer said 240 jurors have been summoned for the first day, which is at least 100 more than showed up for Blanton’s scheduled retrial in Caroline.


Spencer said the main concern today will be to select jurors who do not know details of the case or that the case has been tried before.

Revercomb has said previously that anyone who knows of the previous conviction cannot sit on the jury.

“I just hope we don’t have any trouble seating the jury,” Spencer said.

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