UPDATED: Rodney Rodis to be sentenced tomorrow.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Former priest Rodis to be sentenced today tomorrow

Poor devout family man money-stealing piece of waste.

UPDATE, 02/20/2008, 9:58 p.m.: Alright, now RT-D is saying tomorrow and The Free Lance–Star concurs.

By the way, how much time did Shelia Boone get sentenced to? She was supposed to be sentenced on February 8th but neither the Richmond Times-Dispatch nor The Free Lance–Star did a story on the sentencing that I can find.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Rodney Rodis to be sentenced tomorrow.”

  1. I looked at the Courts web site for the city of Richmond, and it says her charges were dropped in late 2007. Did she get charged in a different locality?

  2. Gotcha. Thank you. Couldn’t find that earlier through Google.

    Am I correct in that there’s no public case information web site for the federal courts?

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