Fear-monger, demagogue Lee Anne Washington responds:

On my “Lee Anne Washington (R) is either completely ignorant, or an outright liar; take your pick.” post:

  1. Lee Anne Washington said,

    I am neither completely ignorant, nor a liar. I simply stated my position on issues that have arisen either via recently proposed legislation or via recent public debate. I am sorry that you expended so much effort to misconstrue and take issue with what is clearly a policy statement. Next time, if you need a clarification, why don’t you just call me?

Yes, the infamous, “that’s not what I said” defense. Sorry to rehash, but here is what she said in a letter to The Free Lane–Star:

I know Virginians cannot tolerate illegal aliens receiving in-state college tuition, driver’s licenses, welfare, and state benefits. I pledge cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Remove these incentives for illegal aliens, and they’ll stop coming.

Anyone with a 12th grade education (even from Caroline County) knows that she is saying that illegal aliens currently receive in-state college tuition and driver’s licenses when they don’t! (For more details on that, see the original post). Otherwise, she wouldn’t be using the present tense of “receive” and the future tense of “remove”, as well as saying “they [wi]ll stop coming”.

Am I the only one that had to take English in high school (or college)?

Further, no legislation has come forward (as she claims) that would affect either in-state college tuition or driver’s licenses. There has been no public debate regarding in-state tuition or driver’s licenses as she claims either. Why should there be? It’s been settled!

Instead of saying, “sorry, I messed up”, instead she has to use the usual “that’s not what I said” defense.

Vote Albert Pollard tomorrow folks.

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