In Virginia, the elections never stop.

With the Virginia Presidential Primaries over and done with and Barack Obama and John McCain the winners, we can now look forward to the special election for the 99th House of Delegates District (empty since Rob Wittman won the special election for the 1st Congressional District after Jo Ann Davis’s death).

The 99th HOD special election will be on February 19th. The District includes all of King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties. In Caroline County, it includes all of the Bowling Green District and all of the Port Royal Precinct. It also includes a couple dozen people in the Mattaponi District and the Woodford Precinct.

To find out what HOD district you’re in, consult your voter registration card, click here, or contact the Voter Registrar:

Danette Moen
109 County Street
Bowling Green, VA 22427
Phone: 804-633-9083
Fax: 804-633-0362

But that isn’t the end of the fun in Caroline County. On May 6th there will be town elections in Port Royal and Bowling Green. In Port Royal there will be an election for seven at large town council seats. The mayor will be appointed from within the town council. In Bowling Green there will be an election for seven at large town council seats and the position of mayor.

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