Beltway Tuesday

My loyal readers may be wondering who I’ll be voting for today (probably not, but it inflates my ego to think so):

John McCain.

Last year (or week) McCain was the last person that I would be supporting. However, anyone is better than the criminal pardoning Huck Finn (Mike Huckabee). How many murderers and rapists can you pardon and still be a legitimate candidate?

I’m not even going to get into the neo-Nazi newsletters publishing, 9/11 conspiracist pandering Herr Doktor Paul (Ron Paul).

I must say that I appreciate Obama’s down-to-earthness and his decision not to be a complete slime-ball like his opponent. Put me in the group of people that say if Obama gets the nomination, he’ll stomp whoever the Republican nominee is in the general election. However, I disagree with Obama’s position on various policies.

McCain has been right on the war in Iraq (including the surge). McCain has also annoyed a lot of Republicans (including Ted Stevens [and his Bridge to Nowhere]) with his attempts to cut down on the pork in Congress. For more on McCain check on The right-wing liberal’s posts:

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Regardless, go out and vote for the candidate that you support. And remember the first rule of elections: Vote early, vote often.

UPDATE: I was the 15th voter overall (8th Republican) in the Port Royal precinct at 7:00 am. As I was leaving, the 16th voter (8th Democratic) was coming in. There were only 787 registered voters in the Port Royal precinct in 2005 (sorry, can’t find more recent numbers), so we will see if the turnout is as high as the media has been hyping.

I would love to do some live blogging of the results tonight, but that won’t be possible since I’ll be at the Board of Supervisors meeting from 6:00 pm ’til who-knows-when.

2 thoughts on “Beltway Tuesday”

  1. I have no one I care to cast a vote for, but I do have one candidate I have strong feelings against, so I cast a vote against her.

  2. John McCain’s chances if he doesn’t shape up & fly right:

    Dear John,
    Any GOP candidate who wants to “consolidate” the party, and who refuses to
    use a nationally televised debate v. other GOP’ers to do so, is either:
    1. too weak and/or too lame
    2. giving lip service to the idea of “consolidating” the Party, and is so
    foolish that he actually believes he can win the National Elec. w/o
    consolidating it
    3. is lying when he says he will out-campaign, out-debate and out-perform
    the Dem’s – if you can’t do it in your own camp, you can’t do it against
    the opposition.

    “Good luck” with your continued attempts to pressure the thinking American
    public & smart Republicans into backing you without you doing the actual
    work. BTW, I’m not an evangelical, I’m more of a New Age spiritualist who
    disagrees w/Huckabee on his family values platform, so you’ve gotta ask
    yourself, “Why isn’t she voting for me?”

    Maybe you should give me the decency and respect of telling me why I
    should vote for you – in a debate v. your only true opponent – Huckabee –
    without the Romney static. In my eyes, along with all of my friends – who
    were former Rudy & Mitt supporters & who STILL don’t like you & yet
    believe Mike won’t make it – you never won any of the debates.

    John, if you fail in a Feb 08 GOP Debate, you sure as heck are going to
    fail in the Fall. So, you might as well debate now and reach a conclusion
    1. You’ve got to improve your debating skills
    2. You’ve got to withdraw because you’ll cause the Party to fail in Nov.

    Think of it this way: If Huckabee should drop out now because he won’t win
    in upcoming primaries, or he won’t win in a Contested RNC, then logically,
    you should drop out now because you won’t win in November – against either
    Dem candidate. Hillary will out-debate you on substance, and Obama will
    out-debate you as a communicator and inspirational speaker.

    With regard to your debate style & discussion of substance beyond the
    bullet points & national security – the line of “just ask my friend _____,
    he’ll tell you how tough I am on ____, ” – As Dr. Phil says, “How’s that
    workin’ for ya?”

    Not too well for you, John, not too well for either you or the Party.

    [And, woe to the “king” who is deluded by the “yes-men” with whom he
    surrounds himself.]

    Wishing the Great USA All the Best,
    Theresa Markham, Esq.
    [divorce atty]
    Hamburg, NJ


    BTW, in case you think John McCain would, in part, retort with the idea that he’s not asking Huckabee to withdraw, here’s a quote from an actual memo sent to his supporters on Feb. 12, 2008, from Rick Davis, his campaign manager, which, of course, is a blatant lie:

    “With only 774 delegates left on the table after tonight, Governor Huckabee cannot win the Republican nomination for president.”

    A very loud, public retraction, complete with a copy to all of his supporters, is in order.

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