“You can’t handle the truth!”

From The Daily Press‘s blog The Shad Plank: Payday lending in the … U.S. Senate:

After state lawmakers in the House of Delegates agreed on new restrictions for the controversial industry, Republican Jim Gilmore issued a press release to praise the plan. Gilmore noted that his opponent in the Senate race — frontrunning Democrat Mark R. Warner — signed into law the 2002 legislation that paved the way for an expansion of payday loans.

“Mark Warner’s decision to adopt this policy was wrong and ultimately the people of Virginia have rejected it,” Gilmore said.

Asked for comment, Warner spokesman Kevin Hall pointed out that the 2002 legislation came to then-Gov. Warner with “with a veto-proof mega-majority.” Warner tried to amend the bill to track the implementation of the new legislation, but that was also rejected.

So, Jim, how’s that car tax elimination going?

Didn’t spending grow more under you than it did when Warner was Governor?

Christ, if Gilmore gets the Republican nomination, it’s going to be a blow-out for Warner.

Has Gilmore been so out of it during his aborted run for President, that he hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on in Virginia?

Here’s hoping that Delegate Bob Marshall gets the nomination for the Republican Party at the convention on May 31st.

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