Mother charged in Bowling Green Primary School gun incident

From The Free Lance-Star: Mother charged in school gun case:

The mother of a 4-year-old Bowling Green Primary School student who authorities said brought a gun to school last week, was charged Saturday.

Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa said the woman, who was not named to protect the identity of her child, was charged with recklessly leaving a firearm so as to endanger a child under the age of 14, which is a class 3 misdemeanor.

Lippa said the mother told police she kept the gun loaded and in plain sight for protection for the child and herself.

He said a lesson should be learned from the incident and parents should remember to separate ammo and guns and to get gun locks, which are free at the Sheriff’s Office, for their guns.

He said however, that he understands there’s a tradeoff for those who want their gun for immediate use, such as protection, as in this case.

Lippa said he was not sure whether the woman would face any additional charges, but he said she will go to court on at least the one charge Feb. 26. She was charged in a summons.

The loaded pistol was found in the boy’s possession last Thursday when a fellow student spotted it and told a teacher.

The police were then called, the report taken and the gun confiscated, according to previous police reports.

Lippa said it’s important to remember and be thankful that no one was hurt.

“We avoided a tragedy,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Mother charged in Bowling Green Primary School gun incident”

  1. The woman was charged for allowing her child to access to their firearm which was then brought to the school by the child.

    As for the metal detectors: It’s a primary school which houses preschool, kindergarten, and first and second grade, so the building isn’t equipped with metal detectors.

    In fact, I don’t think any schools in Caroline County, Virginia are equipped with metal detectors.

  2. How was this woman caught with the gun ? arent there metal detectors in place to prevent weapons like this from making there way into the school? please contact me before sunday feb 3 i have a english paper due on this topic

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