I’m a descendant of President George Washington — wait, never mind…

The Journal Press: Republican Lee Anne Washington is facing Democrat Albert Pollard for 99th District seat:

Republicans have now assured Democrat Albert Pollard the he will not get a free ride on February 19.

White Stone attorney and Town Council member Lee Anne Washington is now the Republican candidate for the 99th District House of Delegates position that was vacated one month ago, when Delegate Rob Wittman resigned from the elected position in order to begin his duties as a U.S. Congressman. A special election will be held on Tuesday, February 19.


Questions emerged about the single mother’s family and Washington corrected the record, explaining that she is not a President George Washington descendant but a cousin or niece, many times removed.

I may not have the best of them “book smarts”; but how could anyone be a descendant of President George Washington when he had no biological children?!

What next? Is she going to say she’s a descendant of Robert E. Lee or Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson?

New prediction: Albert Pollard win with 75% of the vote (up from my prediction of 70%).

(H/t: Fred2Blue)

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