January 8, 2008 – Board of Supervisors meeting roundup

Yeah, I’m late with this but you get what you pay for (hint, hint).

And since I’m lazy, I’ve linked to some stories from The FL-S so I don’t have to bother writing about stuff at the meeting that has already been covered:

Organization Meeting: Floyd Thomas (Mattaponi) was elected as Chairman, Jeff Sili (Bowling Green) was elected as Vice-Chairman.

Presentations/Reports: Nothing important (trust me, zzzzzzzz)…

Appointments: Nothing important (trust me; at least it wasn’t as boring as the VDOT presentation)…

Consent Agenda: Approved.

Public Comments: Caroline’s prosecutor wants job full time

Public Hearings:

BPOL Ordinance: (Someone correct me if any of my numbers are wrong) As originally presented, the new ordinance would exempt the first $50,000 of receipts from tax and would exempt the license fee up to $25,000. At Bobby Popowicz‘s (Port Royal) suggestion, the license fee was exempted up to $50,000. Approved.

Unfinished Business:

Adjustments to Water & Wastewater Rates: The reason as stated for the proposed increase was to help stop Caroline’s need to subsidize the system as the county is currently doing. Hearing was continued. Depending on whether the public notice for the hearing was correct in the paper, the next hearing will be January 22 (if the ad was correct) or February 12 (if the ad was incorrect).

Salary Adjustments for Full-Time Employees of Caroline Library: Approved.

Award Contact for Engineering Services for Ladysmith Solid Waste Convenience Site Expansion: Approved.

Selection of Vendor to Conduct Youth Needs Assessment [for the Youth Task Force]: Cost: $20,000. Approved.

New Business

Creation of County Wireless Authority: Caroline in early stages of pursuing public-private wireless Internet service

Acceptance of Property Donated [by the Rozell family] to County as Site for New Dawn Library: Continued until soil testing has been completed at Bobby Popowicz‘s suggestion. No sense in receiving property donated to you if you can’t use it, right? UPDATE: Library land will be tested first

And that’s about it, kids.

Next meeting: January 22, 2007.

2 thoughts on “January 8, 2008 – Board of Supervisors meeting roundup”

  1. LOL

    Looks like the wireless idea was last to catch on in Caroline as usual, from the FLS article.

    Lowest felony convictions in the state!!!!!!!!! What an honor!

    Mr. Rozell (church deacon) (real estate investment speculator) (private eye)

    must be dang proud of the candidate responsible such a conviction record, who he was also “campaign manger” for.

    Birds of a feather do flock together………………………..

    Someone please wake! Can this really be 2007????????????????

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