Major Hall, Captain Moser promoted!

From the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office: Veteran Deputies Promoted:

Sheriff A. A. “Tony” Lippa, Jr. is pleased to announce the promotion of Major M. W. Hall to the position of Lieutenant Colonel/Chief Deputy and the promotion of Captain C. S. Moser to Major.Both promotions are effective immediately.

Hall, a former Virginia State Trooper and Special Agent, was hired as Major/Chief Deputy when Lippa initially took office in January of 2004.Hall, 42, is married and lives in the county with his wife and child.

Moser, 44, has spent his entire career with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office.During his tenure, he has held the position of jailer, road deputy, corporal, investigator, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.

Sheriff Lippa stated, “As our county has grown, the need for effective law enforcement services has grown as well.Both of these individuals are highly qualified, motivated, dedicated appointees. I know they will do well as they take on their new responsibilities.”

9 thoughts on “Major Hall, Captain Moser promoted!”

  1. I find it interesting that they were promoted right AFTER the election.Obviously, Caroline is growing but, were these political promotions for these two men supporting lippa in the election.Lt. Col. Hall told me himself that he was supporting “one horse” in the race and that was lippa.Ofcourse, political promotions are wrong and should not be tolerated by the citizens.Will these promotions mean more money for these two?Personally, I don’t want one red cent going to people who were promoted for political reasons.If however, if this is just a coincidence then congratulations to both men.

    Bill Sparks

  2. No,

    Both candidates had their shot.But, why not ask lippa why he promoted these two right after the election?Johnson is finished.Braxton is also done because of his poor showing in the election.

    Bill Sparks

  3. Politically, I think it would made a difference if lippa could have distanced the promotions from the election and given a bigger reason then just “they deserve to be promoted”.Second, I can’t support their promotions if all lippa can say is that he thinks they deserve it and it’s right after an election.Give me a break…lol

  4. Why does it make a difference that they were promoted. If you do some research, you will see that Caroline County is the 3rd fastest grwing county in the United States. The department size has increased dramatically since Sheriff Lippa took office and the crime rate has gone way down. Maybe, he is just preparing for the inevitable. Caroline is going to need more deputies and supervisors. Not only did Capt. Moser and Major Hall get promoted, he also promoted up a Sgt to Lieutenant and promoted two deputies to Sgt. These promotions had nothing to do with who they were backing for the election, it was based on merit and the things they have done to make the Caroline County Sheriffs Office a respected agency.

  5. Why must the lippa lovers in this county always attack people who say something about him?P Man “If you would do some research”.The article about lippa mentions Moser and Hall not the other promotions.But, great if lippa is promoting others then thats fine but, why not mention the other promotions in the article?Also, why the political picture of lippa,hall and moser standing in front of the great seal of the commonwealth and the news about lippa promoting his mini me and moser?Sounds like the all knowing lippa needs to brush up on his public announcements to keep guys like me from slamming him.

  6. You know, if Hall had decided to stay at the Virginia State Police, he could be making double what’s he making right now Sparks.

    Meanwhile, Moser has been with the Sheriff’s Office for more than 20 years. That’s with three different Sheriffs right there, so does that still make this a “political promotion”?

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