Way to think big and be specific…

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Local government wish lists:

Local governments, like industries and other special-interest groups, have their own requests heading into the 2008 General Assembly session. The following are some requests of local officials in central Virginia.


Caroline County

  • Supports requests of Virginia Association of Counties

Uh-huh…you couldn’t come up with anything original or specific?

How about money for emergency services? A new radio system, perhaps? How about money for the Sparta Fire Station?

Money for the Dawn Wastewater Project, perhaps?

Funding for a full-time Commonwealth’s Attorney?

Meanwhile, here are some other counties’ concerns:

Amelia County

  • Impact fees in areas other than transportation
  • Support for local regulation of plastic bags
  • Funding for conservation easements and open-space preservation

Charles City County

  • Funding to design a new library

Chesterfield County

  • Transportation funding, protection of cash proffer and impact-fee authority
  • $358,000 for a mental-health and drug-treatment program for pre-trial detainees; a staffing review for sheriff’s deputies and other constitutional officers, and funding for a pre-release center at Riverside Regional Jail
  • Assistance with effects of illegal immigration and authority to require businesses to certify that they do not employ illegal immigrants
  • A DUI court for Chesterfield and Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights

  • Supports requests of Crater District Planning Commission and Virginia Municipal League

Cumberland County

  • Revisions to formula for school funding
  • Funding for High Bridge State Park project

Dinwiddie County

  • Supports requests of Virginia Association of Counties and Virginia Municipal League, and infrastructure funding from effects of Fort Lee expansion

Goochland County

  • Widen U.S. 250 from state Route 623 past state Route 621
  • Money to improve primary and secondary roads
  • Money for broadband
  • Relief from a requirement of at least four residential units per acre in planned urban-development areas
  • Designation of wild turkeys as big game

Hanover County

  • Funding for Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court
  • Increase income limit from $50,000 to $62,000 for eligibility for elderly and disabled real estate tax-relief programs
  • Authority to prohibit soliciting of people in vehicles in public rights of way
  • Allow sharing of registered vehicle information with third parties for the issuance of summons and court proceedings
  • $10 million to replace Lewistown Road bridge

Henrico County

  • Increase state payments for Henrico’s road maintenance to levels provided to cities and towns
  • Authority to prohibit soliciting on all highways
  • Authority to establish a stream-restoration bank, allowing the sale of tax credits to offset restoration costs
  • Increase the threshold when an environmental impact report must be submitted for road construction and other major projects — the request would require reports for projects costing at least $500,000, up from $100,000


  • $98,785 for annual rent and debt payment and $5 million for a new social-services building
  • $1 million for economic development and revitalization in downtown
  • Funding to help meet water-quality mandates
  • $250,000 to plan new fire station and emergency-operations center
  • $300,000 for homeland security at the port and dock area

King William and King and Queen counties

  • Eliminate Coleman Bridge toll
  • Money for services and programs for troubled youths
  • Relief from monitoring requirements of local landfills

Louisa County

  • Funding for social services and schools
  • Allow the collection of impact fees from developers to pay for infrastructure beyond roads
  • New revenue sources for transportation and no shifts of maintenance and construction costs to localities

New Kent County

  • Allow mandatory connection to water and sewer systems
  • Authority to regulate well construction and water quality
  • Authority to require screening of automobile junkyards
  • Funding to replace Heritage Public Library
  • Money for lease or construction of a human-services building


  • Money for at-risk student incentive programs, police and local administration of Comprehensive Services Act
  • Increase registration fee for vacant buildings from $25 to $100
  • Tighter regulation of payday-loan businesses, capping interest rates at 36 percent
  • Funding for infrastructure needs of localities affected by Fort Lee expansion

Powhatan County

  • Expand tax-relief program for the elderly and disabled to increase income limit from $52,000 to $62,000 and to set a maximum net worth at $350,000
  • Funding for Powhatan State Park on the Historic James project

Prince George County

  • Continuation of moratorium on annexation
  • Funding to assist localities with effects of Fort Lee expansion
  • No caps on assessed values of real estate
  • Support for U.S. 460 relocation alternative that does not restrict access to Crosspointe Centre or Southpoint Industrial Park near U.S. 460 and Interstate 295
  • State code changes allowing local sanctions for violation of closed-session confidentiality
  • Support for a northbound entrance ramp onto Interstate 295 from Chudoba Parkway in Crosspointe Centre and Southpoint Business Park
  • Careful consideration and local input on effects of proposed Homestead Exemption


  • Funding for combined sewer-overflow project, police, Port of Richmond, mental-health treatment services and juvenile crime prevention
  • Increase payments in lieu of real estate taxes for state-owned properties
  • Simplify foreclosure process on blighted, tax-delinquent properties, authorize tax on vacant properties with proceeds benefiting an affordable-housing fund, eliminate the ability for reduced assessments based on the property’s condition
  • Exempt Richmond from localities subject to a moratorium on jail planning and construction
  • Study whether violent crimes committed in the presence of children should be considered in sentencing guidelines

Sussex County

  • Money for schools
  • Assistance with economic development
  • Money for programs to install indoor plumbing and rehabilitate homes

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