Hilarity among the Republican candidates for 99th HOD

One of the persons rumored to be running for the Republican nomination for the 99th HOD seat is Austin L. Roberts, III, who is currently the President & CEO of the Bank of Lancaster. Whoever wins the Republican nomination will face presumptive Democratic nominee Albert Pollard who held the seat from 2000 through 2006.

The funny thing is that Austin L. Roberts, III contributed $500 to Albert Pollard in 2001 when Pollard was running against Roberts’s fellow Republican R. Allen Webb!

I guess Mr. Roberts was for Albert Pollard before he was against him?

6 thoughts on “Hilarity among the Republican candidates for 99th HOD”

  1. Uh huh, so what exactly has Pollard done that has prompted Stuart and Roberts to run against him?

    Pollard had been in the House of Delegates for two years when both Stuart and Roberts gave him money. Pollard was also running against a fellow Republican of Stuart’s and Roberts’s when they gave Pollard money.

  2. Tim,

    Well, there was Pollard’s vote for Mark Warner’s tax hike in 2004.

    Although I, too, would have prefer someone who wasn’t hoodwinked by Cipher Al.

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