How utterly priceless…

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: 1st District race run on contrasts:

Wittman holds a doctorate in public policy and administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. He plans to retire next month as field director for the Virginia Department of Health’s division of shellfish sanitation.

“We make sure our seafood is safe,” he said.


Forgit (pronounced with a soft “g”) ran for the House of Delegates in 2003 but was defeated.

A naval reservist, he was mobilized from his job as a fourth-grade teacher in James City County. Forgit won a Bronze Star for serving with a special warfare unit as an adviser to the Iraqi army in 2005-2006.

“I was not a war hero, I just did my job well,” Forgit said.

He thinks he can bring a different perspective to Congress because of his service in Iraq, and, since returning home, as a counselor to returning Navy veterans.

Humble war hero, counselor, and teacher versus arrogant shellfish cleaner and career bureaucrat?

Six of one, half dozen of another…

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