A convicted shoplifter supports Maxie Rozell and Calvin Taylor…

Because thieves watch each other’s backs, right?

She’s also a former editor at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Pamela Mastropaolo of Ruther Glen gave Maxie Rozell $500.00 and Calvin Taylor $375.00 this election cycle.

Consider this gem via LexisNexis from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Operator of Richmond, Va., Newspaper Argues against Reinstatement [emphasis mine]:

The newspaper’s appeal involves the case of copy editor Pamela J. Mastropaolo. She was fired for “gross misconduct” after she pleaded guilty to a felony charge related to a shoplifting incident in February 1999. The charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor.


The editor had used her press identification to enter a quilting show and had stolen $ 900 worth of materials from eight vendors in two days, according to the court record.

On July 15, 2007, MSNBC reported that Ms. Mastropaolo gave $1,165.00 and $1.650.00 to the Democratic Party of Virginia in February 2006 and February 2007, respectively.

According to Style Weekly: Times-Dispatch Suspends Two for Political Donations:

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has suspended a reporter and a copy editor for making political donations, a breach of the paper’s code of ethics.

The suspensions followed an MSNBC.com story in June naming Michael Hardy, a Times-Dispatch statehouse reporter, and Pam Mastropaolo, a copy editor, among 143 media professionals from across the country who gave cash to political candidates and parties.


The 30-day no-pay suspensions began June 27. The newspaper’s union, however, calls the punishment improper and plans to file a grievance this week against Media General, which owns the Times-Dispatch.

A letter from Managing Editor Peggy Bellows to Hardy, obtained by Style, cites the Newsroom’s Guidelines for Professional Conduct, which informs employees that “they must not be active in politics and should guard against public activities or exhibitions in areas of controversy. Some general examples include not donating money or advice to political campaigns.”

She has since left the paper according to a phone call to the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s office.

What next? Teaching ethics at college? Hopefully Maxie Rozell and Calvin Taylor can join her there.

pdficon_small PDF of Calvin Taylor’s campaign finance report.

pdficon_small PDF of Maxie Rozell’s campaign finance report.

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