Your county tax dollars at work…, Part 2

Paying for a cannery? (An ongoing series on the wasteful spending by the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator…)

According to the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Adopted Budget for Caroline County:

The Cannery, located on Route 301 next to the Community Services Center, is a County supported facility that enables Caroline residents to use equipment and technical expertise not otherwise available to them in the canning of food. Individuals may take any quantity or variety of meat or produce to the Cannery and the trained, part time staff will direct and assist them in processing and packing it in cans using the equipment at the facility.

So, we’re paying for the staff and the equipment necessary for a cannery. Paying in the tune of $130,732 budgeted to this operation over the last four fiscal years.

“Our tax base won’t allow 24-hour [fire/EMS] coverage” or a public safety building, but it does allow for a cannery? With that money wasted every year, we could have afforded an additional deputy or an additional firefighter or medic.

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