Heavy equipment stolen in Spotsylvania

From NBC12 News: Heavy equipment stolen in Spotsylvania :

In Spotsylvania County, thieves made off with heavy equipment from two construction sites.

A 1995 Caterpillar track loader worth about $290,000 was stolen from a construction lot behind the Kohl’s store in Cosner’s Corner.

Someone also stole a 2004 skid steer loader from a lot in the Lees’ Park area near Ball’s Bluff.

Anyone with information is asked to call Spotsylvania police.


If you have information contact the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office (NBC12: Spotsylvania does not have a police department!) at:

E-Mail: sheriff@spotsylvania.va.us
Main: (540) 507-7200
After Hours Non Emergency: (540) 582-7115
Fax: (540) 582-9448

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