Uh-oh, they’re not being politically correct…

From NBC 4 in Washington, D.C.: Despite Ban, Va. Tech Fans Shout Out Chant [emphasis mine:

In a year of profound sadness, perhaps fans of Virginia Tech football can be excused for a playful protest.

Despite a ban by the administration, thousands of fans Saturday yelled out a cheer deemed offensive by some.

By whom? Can you provide some names, please, instead of using weasel words? “Many claim that NBC 4’s stories are written by morons.” See my point?

As the players neared the end zone, thousands of Tech students moved their hips and yelled three times, “Stick it in.”

Then the rest of the stadium cheered.

School officials have been promoting “Hokie Respect” and sportsmanship in recent years. The ban on the suggestive chant is part of that effort.

But after the April 16 massacre on campus, some said it was time to get silly.

Tech won, by the way. The score over Ohio was 28-7.

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