Imagine if they had been men… Part 2

From the AP via NBC 4 in Washington, D.C.: Inmate Who Allegedly Had Sex With Guards Back In Jail [emphasis mine]:

A man who allegedly had sex with two female Prince William County corrections officers while he was under house arrest is back in jail.

Authorities said the 23-year-old violated the terms of his work release. He is serving the remaining three weeks of his sentence at the Rappahannock County jail.

Two Prince William corrections officers are accused of having sexual relations with the man. Maria Torres-Corbin and Tamara Fay Bonos were charged with carnal knowledge of an inmate. Officials said neither of the women knew about the other one.

Although the sex was consensual, officials say it’s a crime because of the custodial relationship.

Prince William jail officials said the inmate skipped his scheduled work, left early without permission and visited Bonos at her home.

So, now the victim of this horrible crime is in jail? Where’s the outrage?

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