Update on Farooq Anwar.

About a week old, but away, from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: No motive in store slaying [emphasis mine]:

Farooq Anwar’s killer apparently had another motive besides robbery.

Police say the person who fatally shot the Chesterfield County store owner left behind the store’s daily receipts, along with Anwar’s watch and wallet.

Investigators initially believed that Anwar was killed during a holdup at his convenience store at 6249 Jefferson Davis Highway.

“From what we can determine so far, it doesn’t appear to have been a robbery,” said Chesterfield Deputy Police Chief Andy Scruggs.

“Right now, we’re not sure what the motive was for it,” added Scruggs. “We don’t have a clear indication of exactly what happened.”

Among other possibilities, the motive for the July 19 killing could have been vengeance — considering Anwar’s earlier encounters with armed robbers that ended in gunfire. But investigators aren’t ruling anything out.

“It could have been a homeless person coming in there and trying to rip off a case of beer, and they got into a struggle over the gun,” Scruggs said, offering one of many possible scenarios.

Investigators haven’t focused on a single suspect, but they are interested in locating a man convicted of trying to rob Anwar’s store nearly 16 years ago.

Anwar wounded that man and fatally shot his brother after the brother shot at Anwar during the Oct. 9, 1991, attempted holdup. Anwar was shot during an exchange of gunfire, but a bulletproof vest saved his life.

The wounded man was convicted in 1992 and sent to prison, but he was released on parole in 2001 after serving about nine years of a 15-year sentence. A third accomplice remains behind bars.

From WTVR 6 in Richmond:

Chesterfield police are investigating the case. They’re asking anyone with information about the murder to call them at [(804)] 748-1251, or Crime Solvers at [(804)] 748-0660.

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